Thursday, September 22, 2016

Great employment opportunity in Nepal Bank Limited

Have you finished your +2  studies?? If so you are one of the eligible person to get employed in one of the best and old Financial institution owned by Nepal Government, The Nepal Bank Limited. Banking sector is one of the sector which made a rapid growth and the most flourished sector in Nepalese Economy with a good career perspective. A lot of people are fascinated to this field for its glamour it possess.

Nepal Bank Limited the state owned Bank has invited applications from those people who have completed their higher school studies from Management discipline in 47 different positions. The eligible candidate must have at least passed higher school studies in second division. The position they have announced applications is Junior assistant. The announced 47 positions has been sub divided as well where  26 people will be selected from open condition, 8 positions from female candidate, Ahibasi/janajati 6 people, Madhesi people 4, Dalit 2, disabled people 1 and 1 from drawn back community people.

Nepal Bank Limited vacancy announcement for junior assistant

Vacancy notice:
Nepal Bank Limited is accepting applications from highly qualified, goal oriented and motivated Nepal Citizens for the following positions:

Job Position: Junior Assistant
> No. of Vacancies    : 47
> Level: 3
> Educational Qualification: Intermediate level/+2
> Experience: Fresher can Apply
> Job Category: Banking / Financial Services
> Job Type: Full Time
> Age limit: Male (18-35 yrs) Should have completed 18 and should not exceed 35;  Female (18-40 yrs) Should have completed 18 and should not exceed 40
> Examination type: Written, Practical and interview
> Probation period: 6 months

Application form can be obtained from link [ click here ] and it should be submitted to Human Resource Department, Nepal Bank, Dharmapath, Kathmandu.

Vacancy published on:2073/06/05 i.e. 21 Sep 2016
Application deadline: (2073/06/19) i.e. 5 Oct 2016
Here is one of the golden opportunity to get yourself involved with the Government owned Nepal Bank Limited, where you can secure your career along with the promise of development of your personality and yourself. 

Those interested to apply in this post should apply within 15 days of the notice published for the employment. There will be a written, practical and interview conducted on the candidates. 

People, here in Nepal know how important Government Jobs are to the Nepalese people and to what extent they would be doing to get the job. Hope for the fair selection and evaluation of the candidates and the may the deserving one get the job.

Monday, June 20, 2016

"Online Jobs In Nepal" भनेको के हो??

हामी सबैको जीवनमा अभिन्न आवश्यकता बनिसकेको छ इन्टरनेट। हुन त २१औँ शताब्दीमा कुनै काम काज इन्टरनेट बिना सम्भव छैन। सहुलियतता र सहजताको कारण हरेक घरघरमा इन्टरनेट जोडिन थालिएको छ। मोबाइल फोनको मार्फत सबै एक अर्कासँग जोडिएका छन्। प्रविधिको विकाससँगै द्रुत गतिको इन्टरनेट सेवा उपभोग गरीरहनुभएको धेरै साथीहरू हुनुहुन्छ।

दैनिक उपभोग सँगै इन्टरनेटमा घरमै बसेर केही पैसा कमाउन सकिन्छ भन्ने कुरा तपाइहरूलाई कतिको थाहा छ त?? Online Jobs in Nepal नाम दिएर यो ब्लग मार्फत केही अनलाइनबाट पैसा कमाउने तरिकाहरू तपाईहरूसँग बाड्न चाहान्छु। हो, अनलाइनबाट राम्रो कमाइ गर्न सकिन्छ र धेरैले राम्रो कमाइ नि गरिरहेका छन्।कोही यसलाइ पार्ट टाइम जबको रुपमा गर्छन् त कोही पूर्ण रूपमा यसैमा निर्भर भएर काम गरिरहेका छन।

Online Jobs In Nepal

"Online Jobs In Nepal" भनेको के हो त??

मेरो फेसबुक पेज "online jobs in Nepal"मा प्राय साथीहरूले मलाई जब दिनु न भनेर मेसेज गर्नेगर्नुहुन्छ। नेपालमा बेरोजगारीको समस्या मैले नि बुझेको छु। हामी इन्टरनेटसँग परिचित भइसकेका छौँ । 

हरेक घरमा एक कलेज या स्कूल जाने विध्धार्थी छन् जो आफ्नो आमा बुबामा पूर्ण निर्भर नभइ आफ्नो पकेट मनि आफै आर्जन गर्न चाहन्छ,  एक गृहिणी हुन्छिन् जो आफ्नो फुर्सदको समयमा केही आर्जन गरी आफ्नो स्रिमानको आड बन्न चाहान्छिन्। या त्यस्तो बेरोजगार होला जो केही मात्रा मै भए नि केही कमाउन चाहान्छ।

Online jobs भन्नाले तपाइलाई ८ घन्टाको काम दिने होइन, तर त्यस्तो काम नै नपाउनुहोला भन्ने पनि छैन। तर याहाँहरूलाई प्रस्तुत गरेको यो "online jobs in Nepal" को परिकल्पना चाहि फरक हो। अनलाइन मार्फत गरिने काम जसबाट केही पैसा कमाइने भएकोले online jobs भनिएको हो। शफूलाई पायत हुने समय, ठाउँबाट इन्टरनेटको सुविधा भए यी काम गर्न सकिन्छ।

अनलाइन पैसा कमाउने तरिकाहरू मेेरा विभिन्न पोष्टहरूमा बताइरहेको छु। समयसँगै यसलाइ परिमार्जन गर्दै प्रस्तुत गर्नेछु। धन्यवाद साथीहरू।
सल्लाह, सुझाव अनि प्रतिकियाहरू कमेन्ट बक्समा छोड्नुहोला।

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Earn money with champcash from your android Mobile phones

Android is the most popular mobile platform in the world apart from the iOS of apple. Google owns this mobile operating system and has provided this platform to many smart phone makers like Samsung, HTC, Xperia, Sony, Lenovo, Colors and many more.

Android is popular with most of its users because of its simple interface and easy and simple design. We use it in our daily life for using social media applications like facebook. twitter, instagram, whatsapp and so on. We may have wondered some times, If  i could use mine Android mobile to earn some cash as well. Have you ever had the desire in making some money online with your android devices?? If yes, Champcash can help you in making some money online for you.

What is Champcash?? How can I use it to earn money??
It is an android phone application which pays its user for following activies:
1. Installing Apps in their android mobile phone
2. Referring your friends to join in champcash

There is no any cost to start this business. You don't need to pay any single penny to start earning in Champcash

How to Start this Business of Apps ?
Step #1. Download the App
First of all, you have to download the app to start this business. You can download this app by using below link,

Download Champcash App Now

Step #2. Invite (Sponsor, Referral) Code
You must have Invite code to complete their registration form. Without Invite code you won't be able to complete the challenges and this feature is also launched with the purpose to avoid the spam and duplicate registrations. Now proceed to signup and you can enter below given invite code to complete the registration process.

Put Invite Code: 4230011  to complete your signup process and claim your $1 Bonus.

Step #3. Complete the Challenge.
As I said above, to complete the challenge you have to install 5-7 Apps. You can find step by step instruction there automatically. After installing champcash App, open and use that App for al least 1-2 minutes. You have to repeat this step 5-7 times. When you will complete the challenge, it will open your account dashboard.

Step #4. How to earn more?
A. Navigate to 'Earn More' and install more apps. Each app will make you earn $0.10 to $0.50.
B. Refer your friends.
How champcash works??

You will get the commission of 50% from your direct referred friends. You will also get commissions when your friends further promote this business up to 7 level.

Modes Of Payment

1. Recharges: You can withdraw the minimum of $0.16 as recharge.
2. Direct Bank Transfer: You can also get your earnings directly in your bank 
(If you don't have payza account, Read this article on how you can get  one.

Try Champcash Friends, Your dream to earn online with android mobile phones has come true. Refer and invite your friends. You can invite unlimited friends with your account. 

Earn More.
Happy Earning Friends.

by;- Prem Kumar Shrestha

Monday, June 6, 2016

Increase your likes on facebook, twitter, instagram with addmefast

Increase likes on facebook, twitter, instagram
marketing has been evolved for that purpose and yes now days internet marketing is one of the essential factor you should consider these days.
Today, everything sells if you have quality to sell it. Being a quality only does not help in the growth of your product. The term

Do you want to increase likes on your facebook post?, want peple to share it and like your facebook page? The more your post reaches to a mass of people; it will have some response to your post which will have direct effect on your products or your profile yourself.

What is addmefast?

It is a platform where you can register yourself and participate in growing your social media presence. It is a mutual effort from the members.

What can I do in addmesfast?

After you sign up and login , you will be directed to free points page. At the free points page you will find different options on how you can earn points. Remember that the points you have earned will be used to promote your likes, follows , traffic exchange and so on.

Before, you start to earn points you will be asked to connect your social networking profiles with addmefast so that your clicks, follows, tweet, re-tweet can be verified. you are liking a facebook page of other user. means you should be signed into a facebook account to  like, share posts of other users.

How to increase likes on your facebook page ??

After you have connected your social networks, at the top left  corner you will see  "+Add site/page button" click on it which will redirect you to next page. Then, you will be taken to "Add/Edit content page where you can add or edit your desired contents.
Later to add your facebook page, in Type column from drop down menu select facebook likes, for countries select worldwide box, if you want likes from particular country select it from the drop down menu. After you hav finished it  type the title name of your facebook page on Title column, Then in the page URL; option type the page's url i.e is the full URL for facebook page of Online Jobs In Nepal. After, that select how many points you are offering when any body likes your page which ranges from minimum of 2 to maximum of 10 points

How to increase twitter followers?

Do you want to increase twitter followers?
As increasing the like procedure on facebook; same applies on Increasing your twitter followers. On the type column you should select "Twitter followers" from the drop down menu and on the username section write your username of twitter, like "onlinejobsnepal" is the username of twitter of Online Jobs In nepal. And lastly select the point a user gets when anybody has started following you/

Your social network profile is also one of the powerful tool you can have for your marketing purpose. If you  wan to:

1. increase like, post, share on your facebook
2. increase followers, tweet, likes, retweet in Twitter
3. Increase your google circle, post share and +1
4. Increase  your youtube followers, like, views and share.
5. Increase your Pinterest followers, repins
6. Instagram likes, followers.
7. Increase legitimate traffic to your blog or site.

                                          Join Addmefast

How was the post guys??  hope it will help you to increase your social presence in social networks. feel free to comment your suggestions, reviews about the post on the comment box below
Thank you.
Happy Earning Friends.

By;- Prem kumar shrestha

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Online Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most developed state of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is popularly known as mini Europe to many people who enjoy the financial freedom and other freedom compared to other Gulf countries. If breaking of law is done the punishment is harsh too.

A lot of people come to Dubai for employment each year. The boundless opportunities available here attract a lot of people to this destination. It is a financial hub for business people. It also a transit for people connecting long destinations. It connects Asia to Europe, America and African continent as well.

Being rich in Oil resource and making its wise utilization and developing a lot of infrastructures, it has formed and maintained the base of its sustainable development. A lot of foreign expats from all over the world prefer to stay and build their career in Dubai.

Online Jobs in Dubai

Earn Extra in Dubai

It’s not a hoax or scam. A lot of us are employed here and have our regular routine going to work and return back to our rooms. This is our continuous routine and sometimes we feel exhausted, tired and frustrated with our work. You may not be satisfied with your work. The salary you might be receiving might not be sufficient enough for you to fulfill your needs and you might want to save more and more but don’t see any way to do so and get frustrated.

Everybody living here in Dubai have access to internet. Most of you might be wasting your time on internet without any productive work. All of us know internet is a place where most of us can get a lot of opportunities and “EARNING ONLINE” is one of them. All we have our full time duty with our company and must do our work. I want to highlight you to my friends that the concept “Online Jobs in Dubai “ can be made popular and make some money online.

Don’t get your hopes high like you could make 100s and 1000s of Dhiram in short period or less effort. It takes some time and you need to understand the concept of it. Learn and try the different methods. The best part of Earning online in Dubai is it won’t cost you anything it’s all FREE !!! So why not to give a try it to friends??

I am a Nepalese National and employed on Dubai International Airport (DXB). Though Earning online is not a full time job of mine, I love to work online when I have leisure time or weekly offs. I have blog named OnlineJobs In Nepal and operating it for a long time where I have shown different ways to earn online. Same concept is applicable here as well where you could make some money working part time. There are bloggers who make a nice money working on their site or blogs full time and making a nice living as well.

But remember we can’t work full time on it but why not to grab the opportunity to make some earnings side by if you really can make it online from your room, offices or anywhere where you have access to internet
I would like to tell you the ways on how to earn online?. There are different ways to make money from internet. There are different paid to click(PTC) sites like clixsense, Neobux, Trafficmonsoon who pays you for clicking their ads. how to earn online from clixsense ?? Similarly, there is a popular method of earning by displaying ads on your blogs or sites fom Google’s adsense program. It is very popular and the trust worthy program. If you have popular contents or your writing skills are good. I would suggest you to go for it.

Not only this, there are other ways to make money online from internet, make some research in internet and do adopt the best one which suits you or you feel that you could do best in it.
As we all know “TIME IS MONEY”. Which is true everywhere so spend some time online and do some online jobs in Dubai. Don’t limit yourself to your earnings. Utilize your time wisely and make some extra savings as well.

How was the post friends?? Feel free to post your suggestions and queries on the comment box below. I would be happy to answer and help you.
Happy Earning FriendsJ

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Online Jobs in Nepal

Online jobs in Nepal.

Most of us are wondering about this term. Is online jobs in Nepal a real possibility?? The answer would of course be “YES”. Earning online in Nepal is possible. But, don’t keep your hopes too high. Like you could be earning dollars($) so easily. It will not make you rich overnight nor you will be making lots of money soon.

That doesn’t mean that none of the others have made a nice money. There are people who are making a lot of money from internet. It’s a possibility, but it all depends on how popular are your posts? There is one blogger Harsh Agrawal of India who used to be a software engineer, who gave up on his profession and started earning from internet and made himself a full time blogger. He makes a nice income from internet and teaches new people who are keen on making some online earning from internet through his blog shoutmeloud. Which is very helpful to bloggers who are new to blogging or to bloggers who have spent some time blogging and want to make their blog posts more popular.
So,  there is really a possibility of making some nice earning online. All you should do is to make some research and study on the different techniques of blogging.

Online Jobs in Nepal- Work from your home

 Why are we Nepalese interested to work online and make money from internet??

Nepal is a developing country with most of the people seeking for employment and in lack of the earning opportunities a huge mass of youth manpower are leaving the country and going abroad for employment. A lot of students who want to make some earning along with their studies search for some opportunities to earn online. Same ways a frustrated unemployed person also ends up making his mind to make earning from the internet. A housewife who is busy in her household work wants to make some money sideways and not only depend on her husband’s income ends up here too.

Paying attention to these facts some people advertised that they could provide online jobs in Nepal in different newspapers classified section and took money from different people in the name of providing training or registration fees. But the reality is none of the firms or any company online asks for any fees. Please don’t fall prey for their advertisements.

I have been working online for some time. I have been running different blog to make people aware of the opportunity to make some money online. I have been earning from adsense for 7 years. I place its ads on different blogs of mine and this blog “Online Jobs in Nepal” is one of them. A part from this I am also working on affiliate marketing as well. Affiliate marketing is a term where you will get paid for your affiliates activities as well as the sign up they make to different websites. I am actively promoting the Paid to click sites (PTC) in affiliate marketing and they are providing good returns to me as well. I earn well from Clixsense, neobux, Traffic Monsoon.

If you ask me, “What motivates me to work online in internet??” The answer you would get is Internet is a place where you have boundless opportunities. I can start with a zero investment. What I receive(earn) from it is my total income. You don’t need to provide your full time. Everyday is a new challenge and brings a new hope for you. “You can be you own BOSS”. So why not to do it??

There are some challenges you might be facing when doing online jobs in nepal as well. Most  of you might have a question in your mind,” how are you being paid??”. There are many ways to get paid what you earn. The most popular and reliable method is paypal  but because of the financial regulations of Nepal Rastriya Bank of Nepal the regulatory body of monetary policy has banned the transaction of dollars. Paypal requires a debit/credit card which supports international transactions. As many banks of Nepal fail to provide this service we are not able to enjoy the benefits.

But, don’t loose your hopes my friend in option to paypal, you can use payza to receive your hard earned money. For detail information visit this article of mine on how you can join payza and receive your moneyonline ??

So friends Internet is a vast source of opportunities and explore it today. Earning online is one of the cool factor of internet so start earning today. Remember all your earning depends on how much time you give and the popularity of your work.

Work hard, Work smart and make a satisfying income online
Happy Earning Friends. J

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Total guide on how to earn from clixsense in nepal and other countries as well.

Who can work on clixsense??

Anybody who have little knowledge of internet and have access to internet can work on clixsense from any country. It  has different payment options available to cash out once you are elligible to cash your earning i.e after you have earned $8 through paypal, payza, paytoo and so on. The joining person should also be above 16 years old and one account is available to only one person in the house

How much time should I give ??

The maximum of 10-15 minutes is enough to click all the ads available to you. So, you don't have to give more time.

Here are the different ways in which you can make money from Clixsense:

There are different ways to earn online here, you will not be bored and motivated to make more earning from this program.

1) View paid to click(PTC) advertisements:

This is the most popular and base of earning for all members. Advertisers pay to post their ads and in return we are paid to click those ads. In this way advertiser gets its link to the customer and we as a member get paid for our click which is a win-win situation.
However, you get a limited number of ads which is served on first come first serve basis. The total amount at the end sums up well at the end.


The surveys available here in clixsense are one of the highly paid surveys.It asks some general questions like age, qualification, marital status, your hobbies etc. so that they know what type of surveys will be best suitable for you. Apart from the paid to click ads you must also regularly check on your available surveys as well to participate and make earning from it as soon as it is available to you.


These offers are placed by those companies who seek new customers for trying their new product. Most of the offers available requires a credit card for the payment of the offer completed. The reward for completing these offers are also high compared to that of clicking ads, completing surveys, tasks and playing games.

4.)Crowdflower Microtasks:

Certain micro tasks are available to you by croedflower which takes 5-10 minutes to complete. you are rewarded after crowdflower analyses your tasks and pay you once they have verified you have successfully completed the tasks. Tasks too are served to you on first come first serve basis. A lot of tasks are available to you, once you have finished completing the paid to click ads, you can perform as many tasks as you can. which in return serves up to a good amount which you can cash out.

5.)Clixgrid game:

The Clixgrid game is an extra opportunity to make some extra bonus money if you are lucky enough to find the grid where your hidden bonus lies. You have 30 chances to find the grid if you are a standard member and 60 clicks as a premium member a day. It's not only the chances of luck, you are loosing nothing when giving a try. You may end up a extra bonus of $10 if you are really lucky enough. If you are bored play a movie or song side ways so you can keep on clicking. Don't miss the chances given to you.

6.)Daily checklist bonus:

Clixsense also gives you additional bonus once you have completed the checklist provided to them. for earning a bonus you need to view ads, complete offers, visit the forums and complete the tasks.After you have completed all the above mentioned things in clixsense you will be rewarded with a daily bonus.


Referrals are the best way  to make the best earning. You get a percentage of money from every person who signs up from you affiliate link, 

If you sign up for Premium Membership, it becomes an 8-tier program, which means that you’ll get credit for your referral, and your referral’s referral, and so on up to 8 levels.  This can become very profitable with a good number of referrals.

You may be wondering where to  find your afffiliate link? when you log into your account , check for the affiliate link in the my affiliate details section. now copy the link and save it somewhere where it is easy for you to promote.

Some helpful information for you frens :

  • Owner – James Grago| –
  • Payment Proofs – $8.22
    Clixsense paid $8.22 for me
  • Number of Daily Ads – 30 +/-
  • Restricted Countries – Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Niger & Vietnam
  • Inactivity Policy If your account should go to inactive status (90 days with no logins), ClixSense will consider the account abandoned and closes it.
  • Affiliate Program – ClixSense offers one of the most lucrative affiliate programs online. Not only are you compensated for referring others you also get commissions whenever your direct referrals click on PTC Ads, purchase advertising, complete simple tasks and offers, and whenever they or their referrals upgrade to Premium through 8 levels!


Some tips for members:

• You need to regularly login to your account and view all the ads daily in order to earn good income. 
• It does not take more than 5-7 minutes of your daily time to view all the ads.

• viewing all ads, completing all tasks and offers,
• referring more & more people through your affiliate link

• And taking a premium membership that at present cost just $17.

You can be updated with every ads you get by this extension. Every time an add is available to you the extension displays it on the status bar of your browser. In chrome go to settings>extensions> search for ClixAddon and click add to chrome. Now you will never miss ads.

How was the post frens?? If you have any queries regarding clixsense feel free to post
it on the comments. I would be glad  to answer your questions. I have been in clixsense for a long time and its reliable platform where I have been making good money.

Happy Earning

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Online jobs in Nepal from adsense earn online from your home

The concept of earning from adsense is being popular on internet these days. Google’s advertising program has been popular with publishers from long time. Don’t be surprised when I say that a lot of people are making a living out of it. Not only living if your blog or site is popular enough you could be making fortunes out of it as well.

What is adsense??

This program  is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.Google shares its revenue earned from advertisers with publishers as well
Online jobs in Nepal from Google Adsnese

Why is goggle adsense famous  among bloggers and web developers??

Google has been successful till this date with its participative approach with users. It has created the platform where advertisers can spend money on their products and reach directly with the targeted  users. When advertisers pay google through adwords for their advertisements, google then provide those ads to publishers who in return place their ads in their blog or websites. Whose blog are visited by the targeted users who visit the blogs or websites where they are searching for the information .

On the other hand setting up google adsense is easy, though I  recommend some web knowledge to you if you are thinking of starting to setup. If gaining web knowledge is a problem for you, get some help in learning from a person who is good at it. There is nothing so difficult here, just you need to put the code which you will get in your account to your blog to display the ads. If you are able to place those ads then you have just been able to earn from it.

Remember, Google will review your application that you have given to open the account, there are some key factors your blog or website most have to get qualified for the program. High and qualitative traffic to your blog is the essence of the application. The high traffic you have to your blog, the more earning you will be making with your blog. So as everybody say “Content is King” the nice content you have in your blog the more readers will visit your site or blog. Blogger has built in tools for sharing those contents in its template if you are planning to use blogger.

This program is free for every publishers no any charge or any annual fee will be charged to you. Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%. For example if an advertiser pays $1 for a click then 68 cents will go to the publisher and 32 cents to Google. It is easy to use and this program is also available for different platforms you can use it for games, video or mobile apps.

How do you receive your payments??

Google is very transparent in its payment and a reliable one as well. You can withdraw your money in the form of cheque or from different money transferring agents like western union as well.

What you should not do, as your account might get deleted?
After your account gets approved for earning. I suggest you to go through google’s terms and condition regarding their policies. They are very strict in their policy and they will terminate your account if found any violation. Please do not click your own ads to increase your earnings or do not suggest anyone to do so as well. The click should be of genuine nature.

I have roughly presented you through the introduction and the process of earning in adsense. Please wait for my other posts about it. If you have any confusions or suggestions, Feel free to comment on the comment box below. I would be happy to reply to your queries.

Thank you                                                                                 By:- Prem Kumar Shrestha

Happy Online Earning guys… J