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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get bitcoins for playing games in your mobile

What is your favorite way of spending time in your mobile? A lot of you might tell me that you play games. A lot of you play games in your mobile. There are strategic games like clash of clans, Clash Royale, Magic Rush Heroes, Lords mobile, Candy crush Saga, pokers and many more games. But , are you getting paid for playing those games in your mobile? Of course you will not be paid of it.

Get bitcoins for playing games in your mobile.

Today in this post, I will introduce you different games from where you can earn some money playing games in your mobile. You might be wondering, is it really possible? Yes, it is possible.
Remember that, this company pays you in bitcoins. Are you aware of the term bitcoin? If no, Know about bitcoins in details so that you can cash out your earnings properly.

Like a bank account where your earnings are transferred , same way you will also receive your bitcoins in your bitcoin-wallet. If you are thinking whats the use of bitcoin for me? You can store and keep the bitcoins with yourself or you can exchange it with other people in your local currency or any other preferred payment processors like paypal, payza, payeer, perfect money, skrill  through Echanger facility Bestchange

So how do you create bitcoin-wallet?

Creating bitcoin-wallet is very easy and simple. One of the most popular wallet which you can use is Coinbase. Register for coinbase 

-> If you are android or iOS user just search for coinbase app in your playstore or appstore respectively.

-> Download the app in your mobile and install it.

After installing, login with your email address and cofirm your email address as well.
Now, your coinbase wallet is ready.

Now, since your first step of earning online – your bitcoin-wallet is ready you can install some games and earn bitcoins easily for free from your mobile.

1.)Alien Run:
In this game you should complete the level where you should skip the hurdles and reach to the end. In return you will be awarded with bitcoins when you complete the levels. 
Complete the daily adventure with hundred of levels.
There will also be daily missions available where you can make extra bitcoins each day.
Download Alien Run

2.) Bitcoin Aliens.
In this game you will be awarded with bitcoins for killing Aliens. There are different kinds of aliens with different rewards for each of them. Some are easy to kill with low reward and some are hard to kill with more rewards for killing them .
Download Bitcoin Aliens

Here you also can find different missions and a BOSS BATTLE as well after completing you will be rewarded with good bitcoins

3.)Blockchain Game.

There used to be a popular game in the nokia handsets which was very popular where you had to build blocks on top of each other and reach the highest level. Inspired from the same concept in this blockchain game you have to place the blocks of numbers in straight way without missing or dropping them. 
The higher the blocks are built the higher your bitcoin reward will be. Try it friends.

4.) Abundance.
In this app you can get free bitcoins with your mind set in inspiring yourself for making nice money. This is the only app that pays you bitcoins giving knowledge and inspiration as well

Get Free Bitcoins

5.) Free Bitcoin.
with this app you can earn free bitcoins every hour. There is also an extra opportunity to multipy your earnings in your every claim.

You can also Earn Bitcoin or ethereum every 30 minutes from your mobile. Collect  the most valuable crypto currecies and grow your income.

Happy earning friends.

If you have any queries or comments regarding bitcoin, ethereum, earning crypto currencies please leave your comments in the comment section below.

Thank you.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Earn Bitcoin and Ethereum with Storm Play app

Do you want to earn Bitcoin or Ethereum coins with your mobile phones?

As we all know the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is rising day by day. A lot of countries are accepting these crypto currencies as means of payment these days. So, you are on your mobile most of the time and wondering as if you can make some crypto currency having good value these days.

Earn from your mobile with Storm Play  app

Storm Play is the app you can download from the play store  of your android mobile phone. After you download the mobile app, register yourself with your email address. This app is a bitcoin/ethereum faucet which pays you in every 30 minutes. It pays you 500 blocks every 30 minutes. All you have to do is open this app  and collect your blocks.
(Note: Blocks represent the units in this app )

Earn 6000 Blocks free!

You can get free 6000 blocks after you register yourself in Storm Play app. Remember you must enter the code “YZ6L4D” while registering and enter in the referral code to get the “6000 blocks bonus”.

Remember that- every time you reach  41000 blocks you can place a withdrawal (you can request your earning)

How to withdraw your earnings?

As I told you before, the Storm Play app pays you in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. The choice is yours totally. If  you earn faucets with both crypto currencies than I suggest you friends to download “coinbase” application in your mobile as you can store both BTC and ETH in your coinbase wallet.

Note: Wallets are those which helps you to store your crypto currencies likeBitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Dasch Coin(DASH),  Monero(XMR), Dogecoin(DOGE). Blockchain, coinbase, xapo provides the facility of storing those crypto currencies.

You can make a decent earning here.
500 blocks every half an hour.
1000 blocks every hour.
12000 blocks every 12 hour.
Payment made in my Xapo wallet or coinbase wallet from Storm Play app

You can meet the minimum withdrawal limit of 41000 in every 3 days. That means you can make your withdrawal in every 3 days in your wallets with less effort. Isn’t that good earning friends?

Apart from that you can also earn more blocks by completing different offers available in the tasks section. You will be provided the stated blocks after you complete the task.

In the Leaderboards section you can find where you stand in terms of blocks you have earned. You can compare yourself with your friends or among the app users and find your rank

There is also a feature of time booster , you can reduce your claiming time to 10 minutes for 2 hours by paying some blocks and collect more blocks within that time period.

Storm Play app is developed by cakecodes team. They are hardworking, creative and dedicated developers.

So, friends you might have explored the way to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum with Bitmaker app. You also can find more ways to Earn online with your android mobile phones. 

How was the post friends? Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in our comment box below.

Thank you
Happy Earning Friends

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